Child Theme 2011 (Twenty Eleven) : where are language files ?

Where are language files ?

In this example with 4 languages, the languages files (with suffix .po, .mo) come from the 2011 theme of the packages of latest version of WP for each country. It is not very easy to find but offers links for each. Because, these files will be modified for the site, they must be upload in the sub-folder langs of the child theme. xili-dictionary is the plugin to use to add or modify some terms of these files. Because the 3.2 release of WP is recent, some translation files of 2011 theme are not yet available.

2011 theme folders

2011 theme folders

How to: Is it possible to hide flags ?

Twenty Eleven Child theme presented here includes a settings sub-menu named “xili Options”.


Twenty Eleven xili-options

The first option – when checked – hide the flags set by style css. Only names of language appear.

The second option activate a line before metas to show links to another posts in other languages like below if displayed as single.

Hello world!

Welcome to 2011 (Twenty Eleven) theme demo site. This post, in english, is the first article. This website is only to demonstrate twentyeleven multilingual child theme. It is under continous completion since shipping of official WP 3.2 on July 4th 2011.

Multilingual features are powered by xili-language plugins trilogy.

This theme twentyeleven-xili is available for tests.

A topic is open on forum.

dev.xiligroup team