Most recent sources of this child example are now available in dev-xiligroup github repository. Need xili-language 2.10+ and TwentyEleven 1.7+ …

  • Older version for xili-language version 2.8.8+ and WP 3.4.2, 3.5+ – Completely rewritten…
  • Before updating – VERIFY that version 2.8.8 of xili-language plugin is installed !!
  • twentyeleven-xili v2.0 (.zip 220kb 2013-05-13 – NEED XL 2.8.8)

To avoid big files, we only provided few flags. Some good examples are here. Don’t forget to rename it according slug of language.

A topic is open on forum.

Note: child theme for twentyten is here.

Note: child theme for twentytwelve is here.

dev.xiligroup team

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  3. Could you please document the usage restrictions of this theme? Is everybody free to use/modify/distribute the theme? Is an attribution to Xili required?

  4. This theme on this site is published as “example” for developers or newbies. As plugin in WP repository, it is license GPLv2. It is naturally smart if attribution is written in the modified source.

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